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iOS Has Become an Adware: iOS Developer

Ios Has Become An Adware: Ios Developer

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According to an iOS software engineer, “iOS has sadly become adware”. In a blog post written by Steve Streza, who recognises himself as a Seattle-based software developer, comic-book writer and video creator, he went on to bash iOS for their ads throughout their core apps and the system.

Streza is a software engineer at Tumblr, where he works on the iOS app. In his blog post titled “The Paywalled Garden: iOS is Adware”, Steve went on to talk about something that the tech community has ignored for a long time now. He said that to grow its services business, Apple is integrating ads all over iOS that are encouraging users to subscribe to these services. 

“If you don’t subscribe to these services, you’ll be forced to look at these ads constantly, either in the apps you use or the push notifications they have turned on by default.”, wrote the engineer.

He also mentioned that most of the ads cannot be disabled or hidden by using the iOS content blocker extension system. After this, he provided cold hard evidence of iOS ads in apps like Music, that splashes full-screen ads at each step to suck users into the Apple Music “bubble”. Then he showed how the company places ads for Apple TV+ and News+ subscriptions and also for the Apple Card membership in the Wallet app. 

Music ad 2

apple card ad

He also stated that the App Store is biasedly designed for Arcade subscribers as there is a whole tab in the App Store for “Apple Arcade”, that can only be accessed by the subscribers.

Arcade ad

He proceeded towards his conclusion by reminding users that as Apple makes the year-over-year growth of their services business, these ads in the software are more likely to increase than decrease. In the writer’ opinion, Apple is making its user experience “provably worse” to grow its business.

At last, he concluded his blog by writing, “It’s time for the tech community to recognize that Apple is no longer designing their products for a great experience, but as upsells to get you into the paywalled garden.”  

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PUBG Adds New 8v8 Team Deathmatch Mode on PC and Console

Pubg Adds New 8v8 Team Deathmatch Mode On Pc And

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Taking cues from its uber-popular mobile counterpart, PUBG has introduced quite a few features for PC and console gamers. The latest addition to PUBG comes in the form of a new “Arcade” section for quick and action-packed gunplay. The Arcade section brings along the much-rumored 8 vs 8 Team Deathmatch mode in tow.

The new ‘Arcade’ section sits under the Play tab, next to the ‘Public Match’ option in the game’s lobby. Here you will find the newly added ‘Team Deathmatch’ mode that pits an eight-person team against each other. It’s available only in FPP mode and you will be thrown into the action in one of the seven different battlegrounds.

arcade lobby - team deathmatch - pubg

The two key aspects where the ‘Team Deathmatch’ gameplay differs from PUBG’s battle royale mode are the Spawn Kits and the ability to respawn when you are taken down. I mean, we all know how Team Deathmatches work. Here, you can pick from among 2 AR kits, 2 DMR kits, 2 SR kits, 1 SMG kit, and 1 Shotgun kit. Whatever suits your play style. Just like PUBG Mobile, you will briefly remain invulnerable after respawning.

Friendly fire is disabled in this mode and you now have a boost gauge, which fills on the basis of kills and assists in the game. It will come in handy when an enemy manages to drain your health in a firefight. If you don’t take damage for the next 5 seconds, you will see your health regenerate while the boost gauge is depleted.

Team Deathmatch in PUBG involves 3 rounds of gameplay. The first team to reach 50 kills or the highest kills in 10 minutes wins the round. You’ll need to win two rounds to attain victory.

PUBG has cherry-picked locations (cornered off by the blue zone) from the four existing maps, including Podvosto from Vikendi, the Docks of Sanhok, and Stalber from Erangel among others. You can run out into the blue zone, lose some health, but gain points on enemies by bringing them down.

As you might have noticed in the arcade lobby screen above, PUBG also appears to be working on other new game modes apart from Team Deathmatch that was launched today. Maybe we get a Payload- or RageGear-style game in PUBG for PC and consoles to amplify the gunplay experience. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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New Apple TV 4K May Launch Soon, Suggests tvOS 13.4 Beta

New Apple Tv 4k May Launch Soon, Suggests Tvos 13.4

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A latest beta version of the tvOS 13.4 software update has referenced an unreleased Apple TV model which the Cupertino-based tech giant may launch soon, 9to5Mac reported on Friday. As per report, the reference revealed a new Apple TV with the codename “T1125”, while the current Apple TV 4K is named “J105a” and the HD model is “J42d”. The letter “T” at the beginning suggests that it is an internal model.

The reference indicates this upcoming Apple TV uses the same architecture found in the A12 and A13 Bionic chip. The Apple TV 4K that’s available right now uses the A10X Fusion, therefore an A12 or A13 Bionic chip would be a better upgrade.

Additionally, Apple is also looking forward to launch an e-sports-centric high-end Mac at its annual WWDC developers conference next year. This will be the first time Apple will enter such a segment and it is still not officially disclosed whether this will be a desktop computer or a high-end MacBook Pro, though rumors state that it might be an iMac.

The report claims that the computer may be a large-screen laptop or all-in-one desktop with a price tag of up to $5,000. Apple has actively entered the gaming industry this year. With the advent of the iOS 13 in September, Apple Arcade launched a game subscription service.

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Nvidia ‘GeForce Now’ Coming to Chromebooks, Android TV This Year

Nvidia 'geforce Now' Coming To Chromebooks, Android Tv This Year

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Having rolled out the beta version of its ‘GeForce Now’ game-streaming service on Android last year, Nvidia on Tuesday announced that the service is finally out of beta and available for all users on Windows, Mac and Android. In addition, the company has also confirmed plans to soon launch a web-client that’s being specifically designed for Chromebooks and Android TV devices. There’s no exact time-frame for the launch, but the company says that it’s likely to happen before the end of this year.

It’s worth noting that Nvidia has been testing GeForce Now on Windows and Mac for a number of years, while the Android app was only launched last August. It was also available on Nvidia Shield and, is expected to hit more Android TV devices going forward. The service is expected to be a major competitor in the fledgling game-streaming sector, which includes names like Google Stadia and Apple Arcade. Having said that, the service is geared more towards PC gamers, with support for stores like Steam, Uplay, Epic and

In case you don’t know it already, GeForce Now is Nvidia’s take on cloud gaming, and runs on the company’s own graphics processors, although, the company now says that it is allowing cross-play with players who aren’t using Nvidia GPUs. The service also allows gamers to bring their game libraries with them, thanks to its support for the aforementioned game stores. Games currently supported include the likes of Fallout 76, Fortnite, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Wolfenstein: Youngblood and World of Tanks, with more titles expected to be added in the coming days.

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Apple’s Gaming Mac Rumors – Everything You Need To Know | Techism

Apple's Gaming Mac Rumors Everything You Need To Know

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Recently, we heard rumors regarding Apple working on a $5000 Mac specifically focused on gaming. Of course, looking at Apple’s history, we’re still speculating when and how Apple will announce this mystical Mac. The rumor first came about from TechRadar and soon got the tech community all rambled up about a potential gaming Mac from the iPhone maker. So let’s take a look at whether something like that makes sense for Apple to make, and how they can do so.

Let’s start with the simple things. It’s always been clear that if you want a computer for gaming, then PC is the way to go. Macs have never been the front-runner for high-end gaming because of 2 reasons:

  • macOS is poorly supported for gaming
  • Lack of affordable machines with gaming horsepower
Apple Arcade, which is a subscription-based gaming service. And recently, they updated the MacBook Pro 16-inch with AMD’s Radeon Pro 5000M graphics. While these updated machines aren’t ‘gaming Macs’ by any regard, they’re still at least competent enough to play on.

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A proposed gaming Mac would need to tackle those 2 issues we brought up before – cost, and support. As the rumor points out, Apple’s machine would cost upwards of $5000. So it’s clear that it’s not meant for general consumers who want to play Tomb Raider on a Mac. As we’ve seen before, a well-built multimedia PC is good for gaming anyway, as it already contains the ingredients required – a good CPU, fast memory and a GPU to push those graphics.

$5999 has the following built-in-

  • 8-Core Intel Xeon W CPU
  • Radeon Pro 580X
  • 256GB of SSD Storage
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When compared to a mid-range gaming PC, this is pretty outrageous pricing. Of course, the way Apple justifies its pricing is through first-party experiences, which is exclusive to the iOS/macOS. It could be that Apple is right now in negotiations with developers to bring some of these new experiences to the Mac. After all, they did enter the streaming space with similar methods.

Why a Gaming Mac Makes Perfect Sense in 2020

2020 will be a big year for gaming. Not only are some of the biggest games of the generation coming out this year, but it’ll also mark the end of said generation. Holiday 2020 will see the release of the Xbox Series X and PS5. As we’ve seen with the leaks about the next-gen console specs and couple that with game-streaming services like xCloud and Stadia, gaming is becoming a hot industry to invest in. Both Microsoft and Google, Apple’s biggest rivals, have entered the space. It makes perfect sense for Apple to enter the gaming industry, and an all-new gaming Mac would make a nice introduction.

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Apple could present an exclusive bundle offer, adding in exclusive-AAA games made specifically for the new Mac and put it in their Apple Arcade program. That could entice gamers (with a lot of spare cash) to get the new Mac. This year will see the rise of even more game-streaming services, so is an Apple-exclusive gaming experience really that far-fetched?


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PUBG Lite on PC Teased to Get Vikendi Snow Map Soon

Pubg Lite On Pc Teased To Get Vikendi Snow Map

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PUBG Lite on PC has been rushing to bring its game experience close to the official battle royale title on Steam. It has also introduced a number of firsts such as Team Deathmatch mode over the past few months. And while gamers had been waiting for Erangel 2.0 (the redesign) to arrive in PUBG Lite, the developers have today shared even better news.

The one official map that had been missing from the game will finally be added to PUBG Lite really soon – possibly during the holidays before the end of this year. And that’s the much-awaited snow map Vikendi. Yes, this slimmed-down game currently allows you to play only on Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. The announcement was made via an official video teaser, which you can find attached right here:

Vikendi, for those unaware, was first added to PUBG about a year ago and that means in December last year. It’s a northern resort island that’s mostly covered in snow. There are snowy mountains around the center, a dense forest across the map, and a Mediterranean coastline. Some of the key attractions on Vikendi are Cosmodrome, Dino Park and Castle.

PUBG Lite’s Facebook page reveals that pre-registration for the Vikendi map will kick-off tomorrow, i.e 19 December. You can head to this link to pre-register but there’s no word about when the snowy map will officially go live.

If you are a regular PUBG Lite payer, you know that the game recently bagged a major update. It marked the arrival of Season 3 (new Lite Passes), TPP mode for Arcade mode games (4v4 and Free for All), new male/female faces, Christmas decorations in the lobby, and spawn island. PUBG Lite also introduced support for colorblind features — where the map, blood effect, zone, and smoke is displayed in different colors.

So, are you excited to finally drive around the snowmobile on Vikendiin PUBG Lite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Apple Arcade Annual Plan Launched at Rs 999 in India

Apple Arcade Annual Plan Launched At Rs 999 In India

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Apple’s subscription-based gaming service, Arcade, is adding an annual subscription option for Rs. 999 per year in India. The new plan will be in addition to the existing Rs. 99 monthly subscription option that the company has offered since the service was launched in India earlier this year. The price is already significantly lower than the $4.99 (around Rs 350) that US subscribers are playing to access the service, and the new long-term plan will only make it more lucrative for users in the country.

Customers who have already subscribed to the monthly Apple Arcade plan can switch to the annual one by navigating to the Subscriptions menu in the App Store. While the company doesn’t say as much, new Apple Arcade subscribers in the country should also presumably be presented with the annual plan alongside the monthly option when signing up.

Apple Arcade launched on September 19 with less than the 100 titles the Cupertino giant had originally promised, but the company added a number of new titles last month to bring the total number of available games to 100. The service, which is available exclusively on Apple hardware, including iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple TV. The service has some great games on offer, including Agent Intercept, Sonic Racing, Oceanhorn 2 and more. Most of the games also support PS4 and Xbox One controllers that can be paired with iPhones for an enhanced gaming experience.

One of the newest titles on the platform is a sports game franchise called ‘Ultimate Rivals‘ that brings together athletes across ice-hockey, basketball, American football, baseball and soccer into a single officially-licensed video game – a first in sports and gaming. Developed by Bit Fry Game Studios, it allows players to choose from more than 50 superstar athletes to compete in exciting two-on-two ice-hockey matches. The NBA version of the game will launch in Spring 2020, said Apple.

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PUBG Lite for PC Gets “Free for All” Mode, New Accompanying Map

Pubg Lite For Pc Gets "free For All" Mode, New

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PUBG may have pioneered the battle royale game genre, but its free-to-play PUBG Lite game is rushing to add new features and game modes to keep the title interesting. The game has today pushed out an update that brings a new “Free for All” arcade mode, as promised. It has debuted a new accompanying map as well.

PUBG Lite has debuted the new ‘Free for All’ mode, which you can find under the Arcade section under the ‘Play’ tab. Just like the Team Deathmatch mode, it debuts alongwith a new map dubbed Periverka. It is a revamped version of “School” from the original PUBG map, Erangel.

pubg lite periverka map for free for all mode_2-1369x768

The ‘Free for All’ mode will see you and 7 other players land into Periverka for fast-paced, close-quarters combat. Just to clarify, it is a solo mode and each player can take down every other player on the map. The time limit of the match in PUBG Lite will be 10 minutes, but the game could come to an end early if someone gets 20 kills.

The match will kick off in the “Starting Sector” outside Periverka, where you will have 90 seconds to stock up your arsenals. Apart from the weapons you pick up here, you will be able to secure AUG or GROZA on the school’s roof. You will then fight to secure the most kills, but if you get killed during the match then you will respawn within 5 seconds. Also, you will be invincible for 2 seconds in this PUBG Lite game mode.

The only caveat of the ‘Free for All’ mode is that it’s available for just 5 days. Yes, it’s a limited-time event so go ahead and take out any and all enemies on Periverka.

Apart from a new game mode, PUBG Lite has made several optimizations to the existing features. This includes a new canted sight animation, along with a new crosshair style to help players differentiate between their canted sight and main scope. You will also notice angle changes in FPP mode and while using throwables.

The latest update weighs in at 306MB and brings in tow a number of improvements and bug fixes as well. You can head to this link to check out the complete changelog for this update. So, how excited are you to try out the new Free for All mode? Let us know your opinions down in the comments section.

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Apple Arcade Now has 100 Exclusive Games on Offer

Apple Arcade Now Has 100 Exclusive Games On Offer

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Apple’s game-subscription service Apple Arcade was announced with a promise of over 100 titles to choose from. Titles that would be exclusive to subscribers of the service, and void of any advertisements, in-app purchases, and basically all annoyances associated with games these days. However, when the service finally launched, the company didn’t quite have the 100-game portfolio on offer.

That has changed now, with the addition of six new games to Apple Arcade, bringing the total number of available games to 100.

Apple Arcade is a subscription service that allows users to download and play any of the games from the service’s offerings for a monthly fee of $4.99. That fee is Rs. 99 a month in India, which is a pretty great price for people who like to try out a lot of games on their phones, and are annoyed by the smattering of ads and freemium models offered by most smartphone games these days.

The service has some great games on offer, including Agent Intercept, Sonic Racing, Oceanhorn 2, and more. Most of the games included with Apple Arcade support PS4 and Xbox One controllers as well, which you can pair easily with your iPhone to enjoy them better. Plus, Apple Arcade is available across iOS, macOS, and iPadOS, and you can pick up your games on any of your Apple devices right where you left them off, making the experience seamless.

So, are you using Apple Arcade? Which games are you playing these days? Let us know in the comments down below.

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PUBG Lite for PC to Soon Get “Free for All” Mode to Let Users Play Solo

Pubg Lite For Pc To Soon Get "free For All"

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PUBG Lite for PC lets users enjoy battle royale games for free and on any lower-specced machine. You do not need expensive graphics cards to run this free-to-play game. PUBG Lite landed in India (with a dedicated server later on) earlier this year and it has bagged several updates to bring it closer to the original PUBG title.

The most recent update, which rolled out on October 31, introduced ledge grab, ragdoll mechanism, and even throwables, but what sets PUBG Lite for PC apart from its original title would have to be the experimental game modes. And well, a new game mode could soon be added to PUBG Lite, as confirmed by Park Min Kyu, the Development Director of PUBG Lite.

Min Kyu reveals that PUBG Lite would introduce the “Free for All” mode, where users can enjoy playing solo in the coming weeks. This is good news for users who’re reserved and don’t like interacting with others or want a break from battle royale matches. They could quickly jump into a Free for All match and sharpen their reflexes, shooting skills and have some fun, especially on smaller maps.

In the video above, Min kYu further mentions, “We’re also planning on providing diverse content that are fit for a free-to-play version of the game. We plan to continuously add more arcade modes using gunplay.” We saw the addition of Team Deathmatch mode in PUBG Lite a couple of months ago. It enables gamers to take down enemies in a faster, action-packed gameplay mode, which is resemblant to Call of Duty.

PUBG Lite for PC has been termed as the “younger brother” of the original title, which is known to have pioneered the battle royale gameplay style. If you haven’t yet joined the PUBG Lite hype, get on board as the lightweight game is even compatible with Windows machines running Intel Core i3 2.4GHz processor, Intel HD Graphics 4000, 4GB of RAM, and 4GB of storage.

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