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PUBG Mobile recently received the much-awaited Season 10 update, which introduced a new map in Team Deathmatch mode and Companions as well. While we’re enjoying the perks of this update, Tencent Games has pushed out a new PUBG Mobile beta update. It brings the version number up to 0.16.0 and adds a slew of exciting new features, so let’s check them out –

The highlight of this update is not the “redesigned Erangel map,” which we have all been waiting for with bated breath. PUBG Mobile developers have teased the new map but it’s likely not ready for prime time yet. Instead, an unexpected change is in store for Erangel fans.

As seen in the video below, the Northern part of Erangel will be covered in snow in the next major update. We already have a snowy Vikendi map in the game but it seems like PUBG Mobile is taking cues from Fortnite. You will see snowy mountains, ski lift, and skiing boards (which you will be able to ride) on Erangel, which sounds cool.

The most significant feature of this update, something which I’m excited about and have tried out myself, will have to be the Death Race Mode. It’s not the official name but it’s resemblant to the action-packed car race in the movie Death Race.

This is a new EvoGround mode that has shown up in the latest beta. You and 11 players arrive on a race track, where you are divided into teams of 3 each (2 players per team). Each 2-player team is then assigned a vehicle with rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and RPGs that you can use to destroy the enemy vehicles in PUBG Mobile.

pubg mobile death race mode

If your vehicle takes a lot of damage, you can use the mechanic crate to repair them. It also includes spawn crates with power-ups (like smoke screen) that you can collect and activate to escape a line of fire. It’s fun but I’m certain how the points system for Death Race Mode works at the moment.

Finally, PUBG Mobile will make it simpler for players to switch between the TPP and FPP game modes. It currently makes you pick the gameplay perspective before you start a match. But, with the 0.16.0 update, you will be able to quickly switch between TPP/FPP perspectives on the fly while playing a match. This feature does have its advantage and disadvantages.

So, if you are a PUBG Mobile fan and are immersed in the action-packed Payload Mode (which has captivated a lot of us at the office) then you will love what’s to come in the upcoming 0.16.0 update next month. So, are you excited about the Death Race Mode? Comments your opinions in the comments down below.

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